I'm Jeff Zielinski. I'm a storyteller.
Ever since I can remember, I've been curious about the world around me. Luckily, even at a very young age, my parents encouraged and trusted me to explore what was out our back door. To get dirty. Skin my knees. And while I became a magnet for bumps and bruises, I was always attracted to the idea of discovering the next thing and uncovering what I didn't know.
I've wandered around the creative arena my whole life. Sometimes with intention and sometimes aimlessly. Along the way, I've learned I love genuine stories. I love images that capture a bit of a story's soul. I love it when well-crafted words can poetically bring a reader along for the ride.
This site might end up being just for me—to remind me of some of the things I've seen on my journeys. I hope you enjoy it too.

Photo courtesy Ander Kazmerski